Camera in Action with Zach Zamboni at Maine Media Workshops + College

Maine Media Workshops + College offers a variety of courses in photography, filmmaking, multimedia, and more. Join them for the CAMERA IN ACTION Workshop with DP, Zach Zamboni in September where attendees will have an opportunity to “develop cinematic techniques to capture fluid motion and dynamic scene coverage” over 7 days in scenic Maine.

This course covers the creative use of the camera in dramatic film and television production, and includes the artistic and technical responsibilities of the Director of Photography.

The course explores shot design, camera technique, point-of-view, aspect ratio, lens selection, and scene coverage for multi-camera shoots. Students will also gain insight to the working relationship between the Director of Photography and the crew.

Through lectures and hands-on production of reality-based, documentary and narrative scenarios; students come to understand the requirements for shooting in the field. Learn to prepare for shoots to provide the best camera coverage to ensure that the final edit is smooth. Every shoot is multi-camera in this intense workshop.

Students work side by side using identical set ups, including Sony F55s, custom handheld rigs, Canon compact zooms and industry sponsored cine primes, on a different location almost every day. Students are expected to shoot on their toes and protect each others’ back as a series of unknown elements are designed to surprise them while in action. This workshop tests students on their technical and creative skills as filmmakers. Students review their dailies to study growth during this highly active workshop.