WIFV-NE Presents Women in the Industry: AC’s and DP’s – Techs and Creatives

Join Women in Film and Video-New England for one of several “Women in the Industry” panel discussions with this session focusing on the technical and creative aspects of shooting. Panelists include: 
First Assistant Camera:  Jill Tufts, Julia Liu, Mary Anne Janke, Richelle Topping
Directors of Photography:  Amanda McGrady, Kat Castro, Nikki Bramley 
Moderated by Women in Film & Video-NE President:  Alecia Orsini


This talented group of AC’s and DP’s has a wide range of experience working on independent and feature films, documentaries, television, and corporate and commercial projects. You’ll hear about the work they do as an integral part of the Camera Department and how they work together to fulfill the look and style of a production.


AC’s or Assistant Camera (First AC or Focus Puller and Second AC) are in charge of all camera equipment, camera set-ups for each shot and moving the camera(s) efficiently from set-up to set-up based on the direction of the DP or camera operator. They are also responsible for changing lenses and reading out and clapping the slate. A Camera/1st AC (and sometimes A Camera/2nd AC) may also be in charge of staffing the entire department below the camera operators, and for additional camera units.


DP’s or Directors of Photography (aka Cinematographers) work behind the lens, controlling the camera to achieve the cinematic look established by the Director. They work with others in the Camera Department including AC’s and Camera Operators to accomplish the camera work through the choice of cameras, lenses, filters, movement, and shot composition.


The panelists will share their personal experiences on education and training, how they got started in the industry, mentorships, how to find work, how to promote yourself, how AC’s and DPs work together and with others in the Camera Department, and how gender comes into play. You’ll learn about challenging moments, fulfilling projects, funny stories and more. They’ll talk about Boston as a film community, resources and a look ahead at our industry.
Please join us for what will be a fun and inspiring discussion! Refreshments will be served.
FREE for all WIFV-NE Members and just $5 for all others. Click here to register through WIFV-NE.  Not a member? Click here to join and you’ll get in FREE!
This event will be held in memory of Priscilla Forance, an early WIFV-NE Board Member and President who contributed greatly to the growth of the organization and to the advancement of women’s voices in the media industry.  Visit the WIFV-NE website to learn more about Priscillas contributions to both the organization and the industry.  

SOLD OUT! Capturing + Creating the Filmic Look, from Lighting to Capture to HDR Display with Alister Chapman

Alister’s Workshop is officially SOLD OUT! Thanks to all those who registered. Just a reminder to bring your ticket to the event for entry. Thanks! 

Please visit Alister Chapman’s website for details on other, upcoming workshops, training opportunities and more. 

Sony and Rule Boston Camera present an all-day workshop with Director of Photography and Cinematographer, Alister Chapman at WGBH Yawkey 4K Theater.

At this full end-to-end Lighting and Workflow Workshop for the Modern Digital Cinematographer, participants will learn:

• Light and Shadows: Using a combination of case studies and practical demonstrations, Alister will look at how different lighting techniques can dramatically alter the look of a scene.

• Lenses: What’s the difference between a prime lens and a zoom lens?  Which lenses should you consider for different types of production?

• How light levels effect the noise levels in a finished production, the all-important signal-to-noise ratio, and how to get the best results from any video camera.

• Master the difference between standard gammas, S-Log and raw: Which to use and when, and how to correctly expose S-log and raw.

• The importance of grading and post-production in modern workflows. Using footage shot from the lighting session, discover how to create different looks and styles including the blockbuster look, how to create your own Look Up Tables (LUT’s) and load them into a Sony F7, F5 or F55 camera.

• What is HDR and what do you need to do to ensure your content is ready for the HDR revolution? See how the Sony FS5 can shoot instant HDR material and learn how to use S-log or raw for high quality HDR productions, window pass-offs, running, and more.

Click here to learn more about Alister Chapman.

Thanks to WGBH for facility support with the Yawkey 4K Theater!

10am to 4pm with lunch between 12:30–1:30pm