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Join us for a 3-day REDucation workshop focused on hands-on learning with the latest RED Digital Cinema camera systems.

Offering a fully immersive training environment, REDucation provides the on-set and post-production experience needed to feel confident when shooting with any of RED’s professional cameras. This is real-world training taught by AbelCine’s Director of Education, Jeff Lee, for DPs, Camera Operators, Camera Assistants, DITs, and Independent Filmmakers.

REDucation is tailored to all skill levels, from students to working professionals with instructors who teach application knowledge of RED’s entire RAW workflow process, from digital acquisition through post production. 

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion from RED Digital Cinema after completing this comprehensive workshop.

Click here for Details + Registration. Select Rule Boston Camera for “Location” and May 3-5 for “Date”, and be sure to add the SPRING INTO SAVINGS DISCOUNT CODE: RBC-SPRING-25 when you get to the cart. With this 25% discount, you’ll pay just $1,125 vs. $1,500 for the entire 3-day workshop.  Participants will receive lunch along with the Certificate of Completion from RED Digital Cinema. All REDucation courses start at 9:00 am and end at 5:00 pm each day at Rule Boston Camera’s Newton location. See below for daily agenda. And click here for downloadable flyer.

Day 1

  • Welcome/Introduction/Videos
  • About RED / Products / Build Demo
  • Camera Builds
  • Firmware Upgrading / Fan Settings
  • Advanced Black Shading
  • GUI – First Level Menus – RED Mag System
  • Exposure & Exposure Dynamics
  • Shooting Exercise #001 (Exposure / Frame Rate / Shutter Angle)
  • Introduction to REDCINE-X / Footage Review

Day 2

  • GUI – Second Level Menus
  • Sensor Technology
  • Compression Settings – How Compression Works – Downsampling 8K for 4K / 4K for 2K
  • ProRes / DNx / HDRX
  • Optical Low Pass Filter (OLPF)
  • Shooting Exercise #002 (Compression / HDRX / OLPF)
  • REDCINE-X – Advanced / Footage Review

Day 3

  • Advanced Recoding Modes (Frame Averaging / Summing / Speed Ramping / PreRecord / IPP2)
  • IPP2 / 3D LUTS / CDL’s
  • Shooting Exercise #3 (Advanced Modes / Apply LUTS / IPP2)
  • Workflow (DIT / Offload / Storage / Systems)
  • Davinci Resolve
  • Footage Review / Stills and Motion
  • Questions & Answers / Questionnaires


As Director of Education at AbelCine, Jeff Lee oversees the educational initiatives of the company and develops business opportunities in this area. Jeff helps develop new curriculums, whether for in-person workshops, online courses, or custom training. He also manages the training team across all three offices. Jeff is a technical editor on AbelCine’s blog and serves as the lead technologist for AbelCine NY. He joined AbelCine in 2009 as a member of the sales team. He then transitioned to Camera Technology Specialist and Trainer, eventually becoming the National Training Manger. Additionally, Jeff is an accomplished still photographer who has traveled extensively working on documentary projects. His work has appeared in publications such as Shutterbug, and he has been a featured Gawker Artist. His photo blog can be found at jeffleephoto.com. Born and raised in NYC, Jeff Lee attended Rutgers’ Mason Gross School of Arts where he concentrated in both photography and filmmaking.

LEARNING LAB: 4K, UHD, HDR, RAW: Decode the Buzzwords & Increase Your Impact (WATCH LIVE STREAM!)

Join Bernie Mitchell of Silver Platter Productions for an explanation of 4K, UHD, HDR and RAW from a production workflow perspective, including acquisition, post, and deliverables (even if you are currently delivering in HD).

Bernie will focus on the benefits you’ll experience as producer, shooter, editor and the extra value to your clients.

You’ll also have an opportunity to demo the newest Panasonic 4K cameras, including the VariCam LT, DVX200 and the brand new UX Series 4K cameras, the UX90 and UX180.

Click here to RSVP. This event is free with breakfast. Can’t make it in person? We’ll be live streaming this Learning Lab on our Facebook page starting at 10:10am EST. 


Interested in buying or renting Panasonic products? Contact us at answers@rule.com or 800-rule-com or check our website sales and rental pages for product details.

Click here to watch our new IN THE SHOWROOM video series featuring the latest in production and post-production equipment and technology.


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Canon Introduces New Firmware Upgrade for C300 + C300 MKII

Canon has announced a new firmware upgrade at NAB New York that is sure to please C300 shooters.  The main features for the Mark II are enabled audio recording in 2K crop mode and the ability to turn off the internal microphone.  The update brings an expanded Zebra range (5% to 100%) on the Mark II and shutter angle priority (keep your desired shutter angle as you change frame rates) on both the original C300 and the Mark II.


The other updates coming with the firmware relate to Canon’s Cine Servo Zoom lenses in EF mount.  Auto and push iris are now available for Cine Servo EF 17-120mm and EF 50-1000mm, as well as the new 18-80mm that will be released shortly.  Dual Pixel autofocus will also be supported for the EF 17-120mm and 18-80mm on the Mark II and original cameras with dual pixel capability.  We currently do not carry these lenses (we have the 17-120mm available in PL mount only), but we will have an 18-80mm once it is released later this month.

Check out this video with Canon Technical Advisor, Brent Ramsey, for more information about the upgrade.  We’ll be updating the C300 Mark II EF Mount and PL Mount cameras in our rental inventory when the firmware is released on December 13th. Interested in buying the C300 Mark II? See links below and contact us at sales@rule.com or 800-rule-com.

Canon EOS C300 EF 24-70 Kit

Canon EOS C300 with Dual Pixel CMOS AF Feature Upgrade

Canon EOS C300 MK II 

-Grace Deacon, Engineer, deacon@rule.com

*POSTPONED* Canon Learning Lab

This event has been postponed and will be rescheduled later this Fall. Stay tuned for a new date coming soon. 

POSTPONED: Canon specialists Ryan Snyder and Paul Hawxhurst return for an in-depth look at the C300 Mark II Firmware Update and Canon Log 3, along with an overview of the new Compact Cine Servo 18-80 lens, and much more!

Interested in buying or renting these or other Canon products? Click here to email us or call 800-rule-com.  Take advantage of Canon’s $4,000 Instant Rebate when you buy a C300 Mark II through September 30, 2016.

Missed a Learning Lab? Click here to catch up!


If our parking lot at 395 Western Avenue is full, please park at the Brighton Mills parking lot at 360 Western Avenue, Brighton. Please be sure to RSVP so we can forward the parking pass for your dashboard if you park in this overflow lot, or click on RBC PARKING PASS to print your own. Thanks.