LEARNING LAB: Why Buy a Professional Monitor When A Consumer Monitor Looks So Good? (WATCH LIVE STREAM!)

Join Gary Mandle, Senior Product Manager, Production Displays, for an overview of Sony’s professional monitor and display systems. Gary will discuss the value of using a professional monitor for a variety of purposes (on location, in the edit suite, etc.) and why using that $247.99 LCD from a big box store is a bad idea. 

Gary will also make it easier to select the best monitor/display with your project in mind by answering these key questions:

• Why is a professional-grade LCD the right choice, even for the price-conscious?

• What makes a PVM OLED monitor different and, potentially, a better option than an LCD monitor?

• What’s so special about the BVM OLED, anyway?

• Why is calibration so important?

Click here to RSVP.  This event is free with breakfast. Can’t make it in person? We’ll be live streaming this Learning Lab on our Facebook page starting at 10:10am EST. 

ABOUT GARY MANDLE, Senior Product Manager, Sony Electronics, Inc.:

Gary has worked within Sony’s Professional Solutions Group for over 30 years in the development of new display technologies. These include CRT, SXRD (LCOS), LCD, and OLED products for use in professional applications such as video and post production. Gary was also the lead engineer with the implantation of Sony’s digital cinema system and the introduction of 4K projection. His current focus is on Sony’s OLED technologies which are used in the Sony BVM and PVM monitor models. Other areas of work include the design of camera image stabilization systems (called Steadyshot and used in most of the Sony camera models) and CCD sensor development where he holds multiple patents. Memberships include SMPTE, CIE, IEEE, SID and OSA.

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