SMPTE-NE: The Role of the DIT with Steve Sherrick

Join SMPTE-NE for an evening with Producer, Editor, and DIT, Steve Sherrick, who will guide us through the role of the Digital Imaging Technician (DIT), from past history through its current transformation.

Over the past decade, the motion picture and television industry has seen a tremendous technological transformation. The majority of movies produced in 2017 are now captured digitally, which is the opposite of what was happening 10-15 years ago when most movies were shot on film.

The technological changes resulting from digital capture have been felt in every corner of the industry, and perhaps no role on set has been more at the forefront of this transformation than that of the Digital Imaging Technician, or DIT, for short.

In this SMPTE-NE presentation, Steve Sherrick, will guide us from the launch of the RED ONE 4K camera in 2007 through the current production landscape to see how this once, often-misunderstood job title plays a critical role in assuring that the image captured on set is faithful to the vision of the cinematographer and director. 

Click here to RSVP. This event is FREE. Doors open at 6:30pm with Refreshments. Presentation starts at 7:00pm.


Steve Sherrick has been working in the motion picture and broadcast television industry for over 20 years. As a Producer, Editor, and Digital Imaging Technician, Steve has worked on a wide variety of projects — from small corporate videos to Hollywood feature films. He currently splits his time between Digital Imaging Technician and running his own production company, Sherrick Creative, LLC, which focuses on content that improves the world around us. He is also the husband of a talented artist and educator and has two amazing kids.

SMPTE-NE Presents “Preserving the Image- Archiving America’s Visual History”

Wednesday, 12/28, SMPTE-NE presents “Preserving the Image- Archiving America’s Visual History” with Emmy award-winning digital media expert James Snyder! The meeting will cover the challenges of media archiving, and will delve into how the Library of Congress, the largest and most comprehensive collection of audiovisual works, protects this valuable cultural heritage. The meeting will be held at WCVB-TV, 5 TV Place, Needham, MA. Doors open at 6:30 pm. Presentation at 7 pm. 

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SMPTE-NE Presents Drones for Television & Motion Picture Applications

NOTE EARLY MEETING TIME: Doors open at 5:00pm, meeting starts at 5:30pm!

This Thursday, 11/3, SMPTE-NE presents “Drones for Television and Motion Picture Applications with Cinematographer Maxwell Tubman”, including a live demo of a Gryphon Dynamics Drone! Max will cover general production workflow, how to execute various shots and maneuvers, operational practices, the legal aspects of overall drone operations and potential limitations and hazards. Starts at 5pm at Foxboro Cable Access in Foxborough, MA.

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SMPTE-NE June Meeting & Annual BBQ Features GoPro 10-Camera 360 Rig

SMPTE-NE presents their June Meeting and Annual BBQ with food served between 6:00 and 7:00pm followed by a presentation with Alex Enman from 7:00 to 8:30pm on the GoPro 360º Virtual Reality Rig.

Learn how the durable 360HEROS Pro10HD 360º rig captures high-resolution, spherical footage for a variety of virtual reality applications. RBC Engineer, Alex Enman, will show you how, with the touch of a button, all 10 cameras respond to one GoPro remote, triggering all cameras to record simultaneously. The rig is powered by internal GoPro batteries with additional Anton Bauer batteries to supply an overall unified power solution.

Alex will also discuss the stitching software for viewing the footage as a 360º image and what to expect in post production.


Alex Enman has worked as an Engineer at Rule Boston Camera since 2013, in addition to working as a freelance Editor, Colorist, and Director since 2009. His work has shown on MTV, ESPN, and all around the web. At Rule, Alex specializes in Monitor Calibration, Digital Cinema, and 360 Video.

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This event is FREE.


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