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Mackie 1604 VLZ PRO 16 Channel Audio Mixer

Model Name:1604 VLZ PRO

The Mackie1604 VLZ (Very Low Impedance) PRO is a 16 channel mixer with 16XLR mic and 161/4 inch balanced line inputs. Typically used with the 4 channel Avids.

- Precision-Engineered XDR Extended Dynamic Range premium studio-grade mic preamps on each channel.

- 16 XLR mic inputs Ch...

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Sound Devices 302 Three Channel Field Mixer

Model Name:302

A three input, two output audio field mixer that is extremely light (less than 2lbs with batteries) and compact.
The 302 was designed to be easily used anywhere in the field. Powered by three AA batteries, the 302 provides excellent sound quality has simple-to-use controls which are not hidden. ...

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Sound Devices 442 4 Channel Audio Mixer

Model Name:442

The Sound Devices 442 stereo field mixer encompasses the audio performance, feature set, and mechanical construction expected by those who rely on audio gear for their livelihood.

With its comprehensive inputs and extensive outputs, including direct outputs per channel, the 442 is at home in sm...

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Shure FP33 Three Channel Field Mixer

Model Name:FP33

The Shure FP 33 is a 3 input (mic or line) 2 output (mic or line XLR for both) field mixer.

- 3 XLR (mic/line) inputs

- 2 XLR (mic/line) outputs

- Two 9v batteries will provide power for 8 hours

- 48v and 12v /12vT phantom power possible

- Monitor feedback enab...