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We supply professional equipment for film, video, media and content makers. Our engineering and quality control departments ensure that our equipment is complete and ready to go on your next project because you have enough to think about already!


What’s in a name?

Back in 1982, Boston Camera Rental Company was formed with the purchase of a brand-new Arriflex BL3 35mm sync-sound camera. In 1990, Rule Broadcast Systems was opened to service the video world, featuring such gear as the Sony BVP70is and BVW-300 Betacam cameras. In 2008, these two well-established brands joined forces to become Rule Camera. Through all of the past few decades of renting film, video and digital cinema cameras, key accessories, production and post-production equipment, communication systems, lighting and grip gear, audio gear and more, we’ve applied our love of technology and our love of the cinematic arts to every order we send out the door.


We’re here to support you.

All we do is Rentals, short-term and long-term. Our staff is trained, knowledgeable and passionate about the gear. We are dedicated to providing world-class customer service and to supplying you with the latest equipment and technology in the professional production realm. We live and breathe production and we dedicate our work to ensuring our clients’ success.


Projects we’ve been a part of

John and the Hole

The Tender Bar

Castle Rock

Proud Mary

Black Friday


Super Troopers


Chasing Life

The Unholy

Grey Lady

A Cape Cod Christmas

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Christmas on Ice



Love, Weddings, and other Disasters

Hubie Halloween

The Departed


Moonrise Kingdom

Black Mass

Mother Android

Crooked Arrows

Equalizer Two

The Unknown Known

The Judge

The Cider House Rules

Paul Blart Mall Cop


The Fog of War

Furry Vengeance

American Hustle

The Equalizer

Slender Man

Free Guy

The Social Network

Mystic River

Little Women

Shutter Island

Good Will Hunting