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18” x 24” Flag Set

The 18” x 24” flag set does wonders for small lighting packages

The set consists of (2) black flags, (1) single net, (1) double net, (1) silk, and a carry bag.

The flags can be used in a variety of ways depending on their material:
– Black flags, used to cut and block the amount of light in a scene or can be used just as well to add negative fill to a talent or prop.
– Net flags control the amount of light that passes through the net. Depending on the flag placement and distance from the light source you will have better control of your image.
– The Silk flag is a diffusion tool that helps soften the light in scene.

• Essential to control lighting in the field or on set

(2) Black flags
Single net
Double net
Carry bag

18” x 24” Flag Set