Aerial Exposure LSG4 Gyro Stabilizer

Rent for $400.00 per day

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Quality video from an aircraft, helicopter, boat, car, off road vehicle or any unstable moving platform is almost impossible without some form of stabilization. The Aerial Exposures Gyro Stabilized Platform is a portable system that is quick to set up and will work for many different video applications.

The Aerial Exposures LSG4 Gyro Stabilizer is based on the use of Kenyon Laboratories Gyro Stabilizers. Depending on the camera weight and the amount of stabilization required, the system can use up to four high powered gyro stabilizers.



Weight of LSG Unit without Camera: 68 lbs
LSG Gyro Unit in Travel Case: 63 lbs
LSG Base in Travel Case: 35 lbs
Height of LSG Unit without Camera: 24 inches
Footprint of LSG Unit (Base Plate): 12 x 15 inches


Base Platform and Main Assembly
(4) Gyro Stabilizers
14V Inverter
5/16 Allen Wrench
(2) Cigarette cables
(3) Spare Fuses
Hardware Box
Instructional DVD
(2) 12V 4pin XLR cables