Aladdin Fabric-Lite 350W

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The Aladdin Fabric-Lite is a completely lightweight, flexible, and foldable 3×3 foot cloth of light. The fixture is Bi-Color and the color temperature can be adjusted from 2900K to 6300K.

The Fabric-Lite is incredibly portable and can be folded up for easy transport.

Mounting options for the Fabric-Lite are only limited to your imagination, but a frame with grid and diffuser is provided for using the Fabric-Lite as a more traditional, but still compact soft source.

The 350 watt light may be powered by AC or a pair of Anton Bauer gold mount batteries. You can control the light wirelessly by Lumen Radio or via wired DMX512.

The light has a high TLCI of 97 for very accurate color rendering.


• Foldable design makes it easy to carry around or neatly fold away for transport

• Can be used in a frame with Diffuser and Grid as a traditional but lightweight fixture

• High Output, High Quality LED – TLCI 97


Super high CRI Power LED’s:  350W

CRI 97 / TLCI 97

Color Temperature:  2900°K – 6200°K

Beam Angle: 140°

Square sheet dimension: 900mm x 900mm

Square sheet LED array: 30 x 40

Output Power: Up to 350W

Dimming step: 0.5% – 100%

Dimming resolution: 0.1%

Input Power: DC48V or 2x26V Battery

User Display: Graphic OLED (128×64)

Wired DMX: DMX512 protocol with In/Out port / 2 Channels

Wireless DMX: LumenRadio

CRI Daylight: 97

Bi-Color: 97

Tungsten: 98

TLCI Daylight: 98

Bi-Color:  98

Tungsten: 98

Lux Tungsten to Daylight:

60cm / 2ft 15400-17800 lux

1m / 3,3ft 7910-8940 lux

2m / 6,6ft 2340-2670 lux

3m / 9,9ft 1150-1300 lux


• Fabric-Lite 350W

• Fabric-Lite Storage Bag

• Frame:

(8) Corner Pieces

(4) Short Tubes

(6) Long Tubes

(2) Positioning Tubes

Mounting Tube

(6) Ball Bungees

• Dimmer Unit

• Gold Mount Battery/AC Unit

• (2) AC Power Supply w/(2) AC Cable

• Dimmer to AC Unit Jumper Cable

• 6’ Header Cable

• 16’ Header Cable

• Diffusion Screen

• Grid with Storage Bag

• (2) Gold Mount Power Supply Plate