Angenieux Optimo T1.8 Prime lenses (Silver Set)

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Gorgeous Full Frame T1.8 Prime Lens Set



Like a buttery croissant from the French coast of Brittany, the Angenieux Optimo primes bring a rich and refined texture to full frame digital image capture. Featuring the unmistakable aesthetic and colorimetry of a modern Optimo zoom, focus rolls gently off your subject with a delicate and creamy character. Forgiving yet crisp, the Optimo primes are sharp on the eyes and pleasingly smooth on the face.

Deliciously customizable, the Optimo primes are designed with a unique integrated optical palette. Iris blades can be exchanged to elicit everything from a perfect round bokeh to the triangles of Taxi Driver. If an Anamorphic look is your delicacy, an oval iris can even be substituted. Magnificently, a specially designed internal glass element and rear lens filter can be modified and exchanged to infuse a whole host of different flavors within each lens.

With a lightweight compact design, the Angenieux Optimo primes illuminate a grand full frame 46.31mm image circle in a very petite package. Each of our Optimo primes turns 320 degrees of focus rotation effortlessly by hand, and has a maximum iris aperture of T1.8. Most focal lengths are just under 4lbs light and just above 5 inches short. Optimo Primes have a small 95mm front diameter, perfect when paired with compact clip on matte boxes.

Elevate your look with the Angenieux Optimo primes, the creme da la creme of modern full frame prime cinema lenses.


  • 320 degrees of focus rotation
  • Optimo Primes support both Cooke/i and Arri LDS data protocols
  • Common gear size and position across the entire set
  • Satisfyingly perfect mechanical feel


  • Maximum Aperture: T1.8 (21mm, 28mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 135mm)
  • Minimum/Close Focus: 1′ 2″ (21mm, 28mm, 40mm)  1′ 4″ (50mm)  2′ (75mm)  3’3″ (135mm)
  • Front Diameter: 95mm (21mm, 28mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm, 135mm)
  • Frame Coverage: S35mm (Utilizing “Sweet Spot” of the lens) , Full Frame/VV
  • 46.31mm image circle
  • 9-blade iris (in stock configuration)
  • PL Mount