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Aputure Light Dome II Soft Box

The Light Dome II features Aputure’s quick-release speed ring, allowing you to open or close the dome in a matter of seconds.

It includes two options (1.5 stops & 2.5 stops) for ultra-soft front diffusion fabric. These materials create a beautiful soft light that provides a very even wrap around your subject. In addition to those diffusion options, the Light Dome II also includes a studio grade 40​° ​fabric light control grid to help fine tune your soft light.

The 35′′ Light Dome II uses 16 rods to create 32 points of axis, allowing an exceptionally round softbox that produces perfectly circular catchlights.

This accessory is designed to work with all fixtures from the Light Storm COB (Chip On Board) family. It is also compatible with a wide variety of Bowens mount lighting systems, the most common mount used in the world of photography. The speedring design of the Light Dome II makes it compatible with the included Aputure gel holder that maximizes the capabilities of your gels while minimizing the amount of material needed.

  • Full silver coating intensifies output strength for more control over light source
  • Easy transport
  • Speedring design for quick setup
  • 2 options for diffusion fabric
  • 40​° ​fabric light control grid
  • Bowens mount
  • Softbox unfolded: 890x65mm(35×25.6″)
  • Outside diffuser: 885mm(34.8″)
  • Inside diffuser: 235mm(9.3″)
  • Eggcrate: 885mm(34.8″)
  • Gel holder: 185X65mm(7.3×26″)
  • Net Weight: 2.55 kg (5.59lb)
Aputure Light Dome II Soft Box