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Arri Arricam LT

The Arricam LT is a sync-sound Super 35mm film camera with a modular design perfect for everything from tripod to handheld to stedicam. This camera has a 3-perf movement, integrated video tap and a bright, clear viewfinder. It can be powered via AC, 24V block batteries or on-board gold mount batteries and is available with 400′ or 1000′ magazines and/or 400′ stedicam magazines.

  • Modular Design – build for studio, handheld or stedicam use
  • 3-perf movement
  • Stable image capture
  • Bright viewfinder
  • Integrated video tap
  • Can use on-board gold mount batteries
  • 3-perf Super 35mm movement
  • 1 – 40 fps
  • SD Video Tap
  • Motorized mirror shutter
  • 400′ or 1000′ magazines
  • 400′ stedicam magazines
  • Power: 24V via AC, block battery or gold mount battery
Arri Arricam LT