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ARRI Arrihead 2

The Arrihead 2 is smaller, lighter in weight and equally efficient to preceeding Arrihead models. With an equal equipment range and operating convenience, it is 4” shorter and approximately 10lbs lighter than the large Arrihead. With this design, the Arrihead 2 is an ideal production tripod head for cinestyle productions. Comes equipped with special accessory shoe & reduction gears for tilt and pan (on request).

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  • Compatible with ARRI bottom plates and other touch-and-go systems
  • Tilt angle +/- 30° without wedge plate; +/-90° with wedge plate
  • Selectable 3-speed gears, plus neutral
  • Standard Mitchell base
  • Set of reduction gears (ratio 1:5) available for tilt and pan

Tilt Angle: +/- 30 degrees w/o wedgeplate, +/- 90 degrees with wedgeplate
(Wedgeplate increments are 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 degrees)
Camera Mounting: Sliding base for Arri quick-release bridgeplate and other touch ‘n’ go systems
± 140 mm balance adjustable system

Tilt Speeds:
Slow 17.5 turns for 60 degrees full tilt.
Medium 9.25 turns for 60 degrees full tilt.
Fast 4.75 turns for 60 degrees full tilt.
Pan Speeds:
Slow 65 turns for full 360 degrees pan.
Medium 35.5 turns for full 360 degrees pan.
Fast 19 turns for full 360 degrees pan.

Gear Head Base: Standard Mitchell.
Temperature Range: – 20 C° to + 50 C°. (4F degrees to + 122F degrees)
Max.Load: 50 kg, 110 Ibs

Arrihead 2
(2) Gear Wheels
Quick Release Plate
(2) Oconnor 3/8-16 Plate Screws
(2) Eye Piece Widget
Eye Piece Rod

ARRI Arrihead 2