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Arri Hi-5

Wireless camera control has never been easier or more sophisticated than with Arri’s Hi-5 system. The hand unit offers both multi-axis lens control as well as full camera control (including third party cameras) wirelessly at your fingertips. Building on the success and power of Arri’s HU-3/WCU-4 wireless control system, the Hi-5 expands the usability and feature set to include a touch screen interface, swappable radio modules, user-buttons and smart pre-marked focus rings. Lens motors connect via an LBus port and communicate lens data directly to the camera. Lenses can be mapped and stored in a library for quick recall when a lens is changed. Two different models of radios offer the user better control for their specific needs: White RF-EMIP for all around use and use with Arri cameras and Red RF-2400 for hi-interference environments.

The Hi-5 hand unit can be used natively with with Alexa 35, Alexa Mini LF and Alexa Mini via the LBus port. Third party use and camera control uses the RIA-1 Radio Interface Adapter as the motor controller.

  • Multi-axis lens control
  • Full camera control
  • Swappable radio modules
  • Touch screen
  • User Buttons
  • Smart pre-marked focus rings
  • 3-axis control: focus, iris, zoom
  • LBus, serial and USB interfaces
  • Battery powered hand unit

Arri Hi-5 Wireless Control System
(2) CForce Mini Motors
CForce Plus Motor
RIA-1 Transceiver
(2) RF-EMIP Radio Module
(2) RF-2400 Radio Module
OCU-1 Operator Control Unit
OCU-1 Rod Mount & Rosette Mount
RIA-1 Mounting Bracket
NATO Monitor Mount
(3) 8” LBus Motor Cable
(3) 1’ LBus Motor Cable
(2) 1.15’ RA LBus Motor Cable
(3) 1.5’ LBus Motor Cable
(2) 2.6’ RA LBus Motor Cable
1.6’ CAM DTap Power Cable
2.6’ LBus DTap Power Cable
LBus Star Splitter Cable
(2) 1’ CAM Cable
(2) 1’ CAM to LBus Cable
(2) 1.6’ CAM to LBus Cable
(2) 2’ CAM to EXT Cable
(2) CAM to RED CRTL Cable
CAM to Serial Cable
(3) Arri LBP-3500 Batteries
LBP-3500 Battery Charger & Cable
Blank Marking Ring
8”, 12”, 14” & 20” Pre-Marked Rings
Neck Strap
USB C Stick

Arri Hi-5