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The Arri LMB 4×5 is a flexible and modular 4×5.65 mattebox system. It can live as either a clip-on, utilizing the same functionality and clamp rings as the LMB-5/15/25s, or as a lightweight swing away studio mattebox, similar to the MB-19.

It is a native 2 stage vertical pull box, with the ability to add an optional vertical pull third stage. A standard additional stage usually lives on the box but we also have a rotating stage. These cannot be used together, one or the other only.

The studio (rodded) swing away module is removable via 3 thumb screws, converting it from a studio to a lightweight mattebox. The swing away module has multiple adjustment points for shifting the position of the box left/right, up/down or tilting front/back. When used as a studio box, one may use the tilt and flex adapter (essentially an LMB back with a rubber donut instead of the clamp ring), a 138mm reflex ring adapter back or simply an LMB clamp ring back and not clamping it.

You can still use the LMB 4×5 as a studio mattebox without using the swing away module. A separate piece, the Lightweight Support Console, screws to the bottom of the Tilt and Flex Adapter to interface with  a set of LW rods. This setup can also be used with any of our LMB series matteboxes to turn the into a LW studio mattebox.

  • 1x Rotating, 2x Fixed Filter Stages
  • 15mm Lightweight Rod Support
  • Carbon Fiber Top/Bottom & Side Flags
  • Swing-Away / Tilt Arm Module
  • Spherical & Anamorphic Matte Sets
  • Rubber Donut Fits Lenses 62-143mm O.D.
  • Five 4 x 5.65″ / 4 x 4″ Filter Trays
  • 3/8″-16 Accessory Mount
  • Pair of Flag Holders

LMB 4×5 Mattebox
Top Flag
LW Swing Away Module