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Arri Master Anamorphic

Arri’s Master Anamorphic lenses, similar to their spherical counterparts, are exceptionally sharp and clean 2x anamorphic prime lenses. Each lens in the set is matched to precisely and faithfully render color and skin tones with high contrast and almost no breathing or distortion. These lenses retain the traditional anamorphic oval bokeh while providing smooth, cinematic focus fall-off.

  • 2x Anamorphic
  • Clean, high contrast images
  • Low breathing and distortion
  • Faithful color and skin tone reproduction
  • Common focus and iris gears throughout the set
  • PL Mount
  • Covers Super 35mm format
Arri Master Anamorphic
Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight Length
35mm T1.9 - T22 2' 6" / 0.75m 95mm 5.7lbs / 2.6kg
50mm T1.9 - T22 2' 6" / 0.75m 95mm 5.7lbs / 2.6kg
75mm T1.9 - T22 3' / 0.9m 95mm 5.7lbs / 2.6kg
100mm T1.9 - T22 3' 1" / 0.95m 95mm 6.8lbs / 3.1kg