Atlas Orion 40mm T2.0 Anamorphic Prime Lens

CALL OR EMAIL FOR MULTI-DAY RATES! The Atlas Orion Anamorphics are currently available to rent in PL mount as a set of three lenses in 40mm, 65mm and 100mm for $399. Click here to watch the lens test.


Simply out of this world, the Atlas Orion Anamorphics are 3 bright stars to add to your lens universe.

They feature a 2X front anamorphic design that exhibits desirable characteristics of vintage anamorphic glass while having modern and reliable construction. The lenses have disproportionate breathing, traditional anamorphic flaring, and painterly oval-shaped bokeh. Each lens has an oversized 31mm image circle which easily covers more than Super 35mm.

Every Atlas Orion has a T2.0 aperture, 114mm Front Diameter, and 270 degrees of focus rotation.