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Canon CN-E

Canon CN-E lenses are robust, high-quality EF mount prime lenses for professional cinematography. They are all small and lightweight, have geared focus and iris rings, and cover full frame sensors. These lenses deliver consistent quality across the set and are well suited for 4K acquisition.

  • Covers full frame sensors
  • EF Mount
  • Robust construction
  • Classic neutral image with a smooth bokeh
  • Fast aperture

EF Mount
Full frame coverage
Number of iris blades: 11

Canon CN-E
Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight Length
14mm T3.1 - T22 8" / 0.2m 114mm 2.65lbs / 1.2kg
24mm T1.5 - T22 12" / 0.3m 114mm 2.65lbs / 1.2kg
35mm T1.5 - T22 12" / 0.3m 114mm 2.43lbs / 1.1kg
50mm T1.3 - T22 18" / 0.45m 114mm 2.43lbs / 1.1kg
85mm T1.3 - T22 3' 2" / 0.95m 114mm 2.87lbs / 1.3kg
135mm T2.2 - T22 3' 3" / 1m 114mm 3.09lbs / 1.4kg