Canon EF to Canon RF 0.71x Mount Adapter

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This EF to RF adapter expands the inventory of lenses available for use on Canon RF mount cameras. As it is both a mount adapter and optical converter, EF lenses are effectively more sensitive to light by 1 f-stop while in use. Full frame lenses will also maintain a similar original angle of view on Super 35mm sized sensors. This adapter securely mounts to the camera via the RF mount’s flanges and passes through all EF lens data to the RF contacts.


– Adapts EF mount lenses to RF mount cameras

– Increases lens sensitivity by 1 f-stop

– Maintains similar angle of view from full frame lenses to super 35mm sensor

– Passes through EF lens data


  • EF Lens to RF camera adapter
  • +1 f-stop


Adapter and case