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Cooke SP3

Cooke SP3’s are small, lightweight E-mount primes that combine the beauty of the classic “Cooke Look” with a versatile and low profile lens. Based on the popular Speed Panchro series, these lenses combine sharpness with smooth focus fall off and natural skin tones to deliver a natural, yet distinct look. They cover full frame sensors and have more than enough resolution for even 8K digital cinema cameras. Focus and iris rings have .8M gears common across the series and all lenses are similar in size and weight.

  • Classic “Cooke Look”
  • Small and lightweight
  • High resolution with natural skin tones
  • Common .8 geared focus and iris rings
  • Covers Full Frame
  • Available in E mount
Cooke SP3
Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight Length
25mm T2.4 - T16 10" / 250mm 64mm 1.27 lbs / 575g 3.85" / 98mm
32mm T2.4 - T16 13" / 350mm 64mm 1.15 lbs / 520g 3.7" / 94mm
50mm T2.4 - T16 20" / 500mm 64mm 1.10 lbs / 500g 3.7" / 94mm
75mm T2.4 - T16 3' / 800mm 64mm 1.15 lbs / 520g 3.85" / 98mm
100mm T2.4 - T16 3' / 800mm 82mm 1.52 lbs / 690g 4.88" / 124mm