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DJI Ronin 2

Designed for handheld camera applications, the Ronin 2 is equipped to handle cameras from DSLRs to Alexa Mini’s without breaking a sweat. The Ronin 2 is designed for great versatility with aerial, car-mounting, cablecam, and Steadicam docking capabilities.

Higher-torque motors allow the Ronin 2 to support an increased payload range of approximately 30 lbs (13.6 kg). Improved stabilization algorithms combine data from multiple sensors to perform smoothly in high-stress environments.

For more reliability and convenience, features include a hot swap battery system, built-in display, integrated fine adjustment knobs, and a refined assistant app. These provide Ronin users with ease of setup, unmatched stability, and great reliability.

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Ronin 2 Gimbal Stabilizer
Upper and Lower Handle Grips
Remote Controller
Dual TB50 Battery Mount
TB50 Quad Charger
Charger AC Power Supply with Cable
TB50 Batteries (2)
Power Hub
Top Cross Bar
Camera Base Plate
1/4-20 Plate Screws (2)
3/8-16 Plate Screws (2)
Accessory Mount
15mm Focus Rod Mount
Universal Mount
Top Mounting Block
Motion Block
9.5” 15mm Rods (2)
3/16” Alan Wrench
3mm Alan Wrench
Alexa Mini Power Cable
Alexa Mini Start/Stop Cable
RED Power Cable
RED RCP Control Cable
2-Pin Power Cable
DC Power Cable
DTap Splitter
Remote Battery Cable

DJI Ronin 2