DJI Ronin RS 3 Pro One-Handed Stabilizer

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Building on the success of the RS 2, The Ronin RS 3 is a handheld gimbal stabilizer for cameras up to 10 pounds. The RS 3 has a larger screen than the RS 2, an expanded feature set including an auto lock with the press of a button, yet it is still simple to balance and use. The improved stabilization software allows you to capture smooth motion whether you’re running or shooting from a moving vehicle. When paired with the LiDAR Range Finder and focus motor, the RS 3 will provide impressive autofocus even in challenging environments. The RavenEye wireless video transmitter will send a low-latency video signal to the rear OLED screen of the RS 3 as well as the DJI Ronin App.


– Lightweight and battery operated

– Push-button auto lock and unlock

– LiDAR and Wirless video/camera control

– Advanced autofocusing and stabilization


– 10 lb. / 4.5 kg payload capacity

– Battery runtime: 12 hours

– Weight: 2.51 lbs. / 1143 g

– DJI Ronin app for wireless video and control



Ronin RS 3 Stabilizer
Camera Mounting Platform
Phone Holder
Lower QRP
Lower Long QRP
Upper QRP
Extended Grip/Tripod
Battery Handgrip
RavenEye Wireless Transmitter
Focus Motor
Focus Motor Rod Mount
Focus Motor QR Rod Mount
Briefcase Handle Mount
Briefcase Handle Rosette Grip
Lens Gear
Lens Y Bracket
USB AC Power Adapter
(2) USB C to C Cables
USB C to Right Angle C Cable
USB A to C Cable
HDMI A to C Cable
HDMI C to C Cable
HDMI C to D Cable
8” Rod
3mm Allen Wrench