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Dulens APO Mini

Truly “modern vintage” cinema lenses, the Dulens APO Mini Primes pack a gentle vintage image quality into an incredibly compact and lightweight lens.
Unique lens coatings add a touch of halation, smoother skin tones, and rainbow flares when wide open while still maintaining excellent sharpness.
Stop down the lenses a touch for a cleaner look with less flare. The APO (apochromatic) design of the lenses eliminates color fringing and chromatic aberration even when used wide open. Perfect for gimbal use and small camera setups, each lens weighs just over 1 pound and is under 3 inches long!




Dulens APO Mini
Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight Length
31mm T2.4-T16 15" / 0.4m 80mm 1.2lbs / 0.54kg 2.65" / 68mm
43mm T2.4-T16 22" / 0.6m 80mm 1.1lbs / 0.50kg 2.65" / 68mm
58mm T2.4-T16 2' 3" / 0.7m 80mm 1.1lbs / 0.50kg 2.65" / 68mm
85mm T2.4-T16 2' 9" / 0.8m 80mm 1.1lbs / 0.50kg 2.65" / 68mm