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Eartec HUB 8 UltraLITE Headset Intercom

The Eartec HUB 8 headset intercom system is a simple and convenient way of keeping a crew in constant wireless communication. A central base station serves as a server hub for up to 8 headsets, all of which have built in receivers.

In the default dual channel mode, the HUB base station allows for up to 4 headsets of communicate independently on each of the two channels. With a simple push of a button, conference mode allows for up to 8 headsets to communicate together on one channel.

Headsets are adjustable, feature an on/off switch and an articulating microphone. The microphone swivels 270 degrees and can be used with the earpiece on either the right or left ear. When the microphone is flipped up, it is automatically muted. Flipping the microphone down automatically un-mutes the headset.

  • 2-8 user communication on two channels or one conference channel
  • Compact and simple base station
  • 6-hour battery life for headsets
  • Lightweight left or right ear headsets with 270 degree swiveling microphone with flip-up auto off


  • Base Station/headset range: 1/4 mile
  • Base Station charge time: 3 hours
  • Base Station run time: 4 hours
  • Base Station weight: 4oz
  • Headset battery run time: 6 hours



(8) UltraLITE Headsets
(8) Earpads & (8) Mic Windscreens
HUB Mini Base Unit
HUB Mini Neoprene Cover
HUB Mini Belt Clip
(20) Batteries
(2) 8 Position Charger
(2) 12V Charger AC Adapter
(1) 5V HUB AC Adapter
Manual Instruction Sheet

Eartec HUB 8 UltraLITE Headset Intercom