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G.L. Optics Leica R

Rehoused by G.L. Optics, these Leica R Prime lenses provide a unique combination of sharpness, creamy fall-off, and perfect bokeh. Combined with today’s digital sensors, this vintage glass captures personality and favorable characteristics, especially with skin tones.

The G.L. Optics Mark IV rehoused Leica R lenses all have a 95mm outer diameter, stainless steel PL mount, newly-designed focus and iris system, along with consistent positioning in focus and iris gear for easy lens changes. All Leica R lenses, with the exception of the 19mm wide angle lens, also have 330 degrees focus rotation.

G.L. Optics Leica R
Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight Length
19mm T2.9 12" 95mm 2 lbs.
24mm T2.9 9" 95mm 1.6 lbs.
28mm T2.9 8" 95mm 1.6 lbs.
35mm T1.5 1' 7" 95mm 2.8 lbs.
35mm T2.1 8" 95mm 2.2 lbs.
50mm T1.5 12" 95mm 1.8 lbs.
50mm T2.1 1' 5" 95mm 1.8 lbs.
60mm T2.9 11" 95mm 3 lbs.
80mm T1.5 1' 6" 95mm 2.6 lbs.
90mm T2.1 1' 9" 95mm 2.4 lbs.
135mm T2.9 2' 4" 95mm 3.4 lbs.