Hawk Woods Mini X-Boxx Block Battery

Rent for $120.00 per day


The Hawk Woods Mini X-Boxx is smaller, lighter and more powerful than many other block batteries on the market. This lithium ion battery provides an amazing 880Wh capacity through 2x 14V XLR4 and 2x 28V XLR3 output connectors. The built in charger is convenient and leads to less clutter on your battery cart, while the LCD display keep you informed about the batteries charge percentage and current runtime.


– Lightweight and compact

– Built in charger

– LCD screen with battery life and runtime information


– 880Wh Capacity

– Lithium Ion Chemestry

– Built in AC power charger

– 2x 14V XLR4 output connectors

– 2x 28V XLR3 output connectors

– Charges to 90% in about 7 hours