Heden Ymer Wireless Follow Focus

Rent for $125.00 per day



The Heden Ymer (EYE-mer) is a lightweight, single channel wireless system. It features a unique LensSaver calibration, whereby you manually turn the lens from one end-stop to the other to set calibration. The handset transmitter features a smooth turning knob with adjustable resistance, run/stop control button and built-in mounting points. The receiver MDR is lightweight and offers motor torque selection, as well as auto or manual calibration.



• LensSaver Calibration – turn the motor by hand to calibrate manually

• Manual Override to temporarily give the camera operator control over the lens

• Lightweight and long range – 500 meters (1640 ft.)

• Run/Stop button on the handset transmitter

• Smooth knob with adjustable resistance


Approximate Transmitter Dimensions: 185mm x 80mm x 76mm (7.3” x 3.5” x 3”)

Transmitter Power: 1 Sony NP-FM500H Battery

Transmitter Range: 500 meters (1640 ft.) Line of Sight

Approximate Receiver Dimensions: 100mm x 26mm x 54mm (4” x 1” x 2”)

Approximate Receiver Weight: 180g (6.4oz)

Receiver Power: 14.4V DTap


• Handset Transmitter

• Receiver

• Receiver Mounting Clip

• Neck Strap (2 Pieces)

• (2) Marking Discs

• Motor with Rod Mount

• 19mm to 15mm Insert

• 0.8 Pitch Focus Gear

• (2) Motor Cables

• (2) DTap Power Cables

• 3pin Fischer Arri 24V Power Cable

• ARRI Run/Stop Cable

• RED Run/Stop Cable

• Sony NP-FM500H Battery Charger

• (2) Sony NP-FM500H Batteries