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K5600 Joker2 800W HMI

The new Joker2 800 expands on K5600’s much loved line of PAR HMIs. The sleek, redesigned housing is more durable than its predecessor and a new dimming ballast provides quiet, flicker-free power to the lamp.

The quality and spread of the light is modified by one of four lenses held by the standard PAR adapter. Additionally, the Bug A Beam Source 4 “Jo-Leko” adapter (rented separately) may be used to combine the power of the Joker2 with the lenses and control of a Source 4 Leko light.

  • Flicker free settings for high speed shooting
  • Dimming ballast
  • Interchangeable lenses to control beam spread
  • Removable beam adapter for attaching accessories
  • Wireless DMX control integrated into the ballast
  • Electrical Consumption: 7.4A @ 115V
  • Bulb: 5600K UV Protective Coating
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs.
  • Ballast: 800W dimming, 300 or 1000 Hz (for flicker free shooting)
  • Brightness: 13,536 lux @ 15 ft. with the medium lens
  • Connectivity: Wireless DMX through “Lumenradio” protocol

Joker2 800 HMI Lamp
Barn Doors
25’ Header Cable
Electronic Ballast
Ballast Wireless DMX Antenna
Frosted Globe
Clear Globe
Lens and Scrim Bag
Super Wide Lens
Wide Lens
Medium Lens
Frosted Fresnel Lens
Single Scrim
(2) Double Scrims

K5600 Joker2 800W HMI