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Lomo Spherical Standard Speed

From Russia with love, these Lomo Standard Speed spherical primes are the ultimate in vintage funkiness.

Saint Petersburg’s approximation of Cooke Panchros, these Lomos have classic, simple, optical designs that were produced during the Cold War throughout the 1980’s. Limited lens coatings produce colorful flares with intricate details and renders the fine sharpness with a gentle look that removes that clinical, digital edge. The bokeh is pleasing and has an “old world” appearance. If you are in search of a new retro look, Lomos will take you there like no other lens.

These lenses have been modernized with PL mounts and standard focus gears. They cannot be used with clip on matte boxes.

Lomo Spherical Standard Speed
Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight Length
22mm T2.4 - T16 18" / 0.5m 80mm 2.4lbs / 1.09kg 3.34” / 84mm
28mm T2.3 - T16 18" / 0.5m 80mm 1.6lbs / 0.73kg 2.74” / 70mm
35mm T2.1 - T16 18" / 0.5m 80mm 1.4lbs / 0.64kg 2.43” / 62mm
50mm T2.2 - T16 23" / 0.6m 80mm 1.6lbs / 0.73kg 2.46” / 62mm
75mm T2.2 - T16 3' 3" / 1m 80mm 2lbs / 0.91kg 3” / 76mm