Losmandy Porta-Jib Standard

Rent for $125.00 per day

CALL OR EMAIL FOR MULTI-DAY RATES! Click here for the Porta-Jib Traveller and check out the comparison chart in photos to see which Porta-Jib is best for your shoot.


Losmandy’s classic standard Porta-Jib supports up to 100 lbs. of camera and tripod head weight combined. It’s 6-foot boom arm with extension kit can reach up to 92 inches.

The front of the jib includes inserts that can accommodate 100mm, 150mm, and Mitchell Base tripod heads. The Porta-Jib assembles quickly and and can easily be transported in its rolling case.

Please note that this jib is only intended for use with Mitchell Base tripod legs. The rental does NOT include a head.


• Compact and easy to set-up

• Works with standard 100m bowl legs and 100mm bowl tripod heads

• Reliable and sturdy


Reach range: 38-55”

Boom range: 41-68”

Max load: 40 lbs

Weight (excluding travel case): 29 lbs

Mounting base: 100mm bowl


• Porta-Jib Standard Assembly

• CounterWeight with lock knob

• Threaded weight shafts (2)

• Vector bar

Please note, it does NOT include a tripod head!