OConnor 2060

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The OConnor Ultimate 2060HD Professional Fluid Head was specifically engineered for supporting High Definition cameras. It possesses the same peerless sinusoidal counterbalance system as OConnor’s fluid heads for 35mm film cameras, but with the addition of greatly enhanced pan and tilt dampening. Higher resolution means more critical attention to details such as sets, lighting, makeup, and the actual conveyance of the camera- herein lies the need for an especially smooth fluid head, such as the Ultimate 2060HD. Capable of supporting camera payloads up to 83.0 lbs (37.7 kg), none of the usual production-grade features are left out: dual adjustable pan arms, an interchangeable top stage, an interchangeable base, and threaded connection points for finder extensions and an assistant’s box.


• Sinusoidal Counterbalance System, provides true finger-tip counterbalance at any angle within tilt range
• True Fluid Dampening
• Step-less fluid dampening specifically enhanced for film applications
• Dual Adjustable Pan Arms
• Four rosettes are offered for placing pan arm at front locations as well as rear
• Dependable Caliper Disk Brakes
• Fail-safe pan and tilt braking to ensure the safety of precious camera payloads


Handle tilt: 0-30 degrees
Base: Mitchell or 150mm bowl (with adpt, on request)
Tilt: -90/+90 degrees
Height: 7.6”
Width: 11.3”
Depth: 7.5”
Weight: 16lbs


• Oconnor 2060
• Pan Arm
• Tie-down
• Sliding COG Plate
• Quick Release Plate
• (2) 3/8-16 Plate Screws
• Eye Piece Widget
• Eye Piece Rod