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Power Pod 2-Axis Remote head

The Power Pod Classic is a complete analogue robotic pan / tilt system with an established reputation for being versatile and reliable.

The Power Pod Classic has a broad tolerance for off-balance loads. It can capture difficult shots in impractical or treacherous environments. With the crew at a safe distance, the Power Pod Classic makes dangerous moves that would ordinarily be abandoned.

The Power-Pod Classic is suitable for camera payloads of 15lb-60lbs; ideal for use with cranes. Remote head is controlled via cable up to 100’ through pan and tilt wheels a-la ‘gear-head wheels’ using a hard-wired or wireless video monitor for viewing and Preston Cinema System’s FI+Z for lens control.

  • Remote control over 100’ of camera movement in two axis
  • Adaptable to most crane systems
  • A complete system including power options

Please call for details

PLEASE NOTE – a van or small truck will be needed to transport the complete system

Power Pod 2-Axis Remote head