Preston Hand Unit 4 Wireless Focus, Iris & Zoom Control

Rent for $425.00 per day


The Preston Hand Unit 4 wireless focus, iris and zoom control unit builds on the robust and trusted reputation of Preston’s products to deliver an even more powerful controller to meet every challenge of cinema production. Redesigned and upgraded, the new HU4 features a bright touchscreen display, large focus knob as well as iris and zoom slider and joystick integrated into the handgrip. Focus, iris and zoom scales can be mapped and saved for over 1,000 individual lenses and easily recalled when a particular lens is in use. Using pre-marked focus rings, the scale of the lens is adjusted to be consistent and predictable no matter what lens you use. The HU4 also seamlessly integrates with and controls the Preston Light Range 2, as well as remotely controlling camera settings.


– Daylight-viewable touch screen

– Map and save focus, iris and zoom scales for over 1,000 individual lenses

– Pre-marked focus rings make lens scales consistent

– Control iris and zoom directly from the handset

– Wireless control of Light Range 2

– Wireless camera control


– Channels: focus, iris, zoom, AUX (when used with the MDR3)

– Battery operated

– Over 60 channels in the 2.4GHz band

– Storage for 1,024 individual lens records


HU-4 Hand Unit
HU-4 Knob Guard
MDR-3 Motor Controller
Straight & RA Mounting Plates
DM1X Motor w/Arm & Clamp
(2) DM2X Motors w/Arms & Clamps
.8 Wide Focus Gear
(2) .8 Focus Gears
(3) 19mm to 15mm Inserts
Digital Micro Force 3
Micro Force Bracket and Clamp
Monitor Bracket
Neck Strap
Preston Connect
(2) Sony BC-QZ1 Battery Charger
(2) AC Power Cables
(4) Sony NP-FZ100 Batteries
(2) Blank Marking Discs
Marking Disc “A”
Marking Disc “B”
Marking Disc “C”
Marking Disc “D”
Marking Disc “E”
(3) Straight to RA Motor Cables
RA to RA Motor Cable
(2) DTap – 2pin Lemo Power Cables
2pin Lemo to 3pin Fischer Cable
(2) 3pin Fischer RS/Power Cables
RED Remote Control Cable
8’ MDR-3 to DMF Cable
4’ MDR-3 to DMF Cable
MDR-3 to Cinetape Cable