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Preston HU3 / MDR3

The Preston FI+Z3 Lens and Camera Control 3 channel system can control lens functions (focus, iris, and zoom) as well as camera functions (speed, shutter angle, and VTR). The FI+Z3 system consists of the Hand Unit HU3, one or more Motor Drivers (for 3D), a set of Digital Motors, a Micro Force zoom control, and a variety of optional controls including wireless Focus/Iris, Zoom, and F/X units.

Preston HU3 Hand Unit
The HU3 gives focus pullers not only a robust and reliable unit but one whose controls equip the focus puller to smoothly translate the changing actors’ positions on set to a precise movement of the focus knob. It integrates its 30 channel 2.4GHz wireless link into a new splash-resistant housing. Weather sealed tactile switches are used throughout. The integrated microwave antenna is protected from impact. The iris slider uses a unique non contact technology to eliminate the opening required for a conventional sliding seal. The HU3 allows for programming camera speed and shutter angle. Power is provided by widely available FM-50 Li-Ion batteries.

Preston MDR3 Motor Driver
The Motor Driver MDR3 accepts commands from the Hand Units connected via the wireless microwave link or cable, and controls up to three digital motors as well as camera functions for both film and video cameras. In addition, it allows wireless control of both the camera frame rate and shutter angle when used in conjunction with the F/X box.

Preston DM1x and DM2 Motors
The DM1x and DM2 deliver a unique balance of power, weight, and ruggedness. Both motors have ceramic-coated magnesium housings for minimum weight and metal gears coated with diamond-like-carbon for long life under high torque conditions. The DM-1X is a high speed and high power motor. It is specifically recommended for driving the focus ring of cinema lenses. The DM-2 is a smaller and lighter weight motor. It is recommended for driving the zoom and iris of all lenses, and the focus for all but very stiff lenses.

Preston HU3 / MDR3