Preston Light Ranger 2 LR2M / LR2W

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The upgraded LR2M and LR2W sensor modules for the Preston Light Ranger 2 add considerable flexibility to one of the most significant Focus Assist units in the film industry. Using the same groundbreaking hardware to display a visual “map” of depth of field and focus distance on a monitor, the new sensors give a Camera Assistant even more control. The LR2M sensor has a 20° field of view for use with medium and long focal length lenses. The LR2W has a 50° field of view for use with wide and medium focal length lenses. Both connect to the Preston Light Ranger 2 video Interface Unit to display the information on a monitor. Only one sensor can be used at a time. The Light Ranger excels in low light and uses a 16-zone infrared distance measuring system to map the entire scene and provide accurate distance information for the Focus Puller.


– Lightweight and compact

– Wide/Medium field of view and long field of view sensors

– 16 zone infrared distance measuring system


– DTap powered

– LR2W 50° field of view sensor

– LR2M 20° field of view sensor

– Video overlay on your favorite monitor via SDI


Light Ranger 2 Video Interface
LR2M Sensor
LR2W Sensor
Dovetail Clamp
Rod Bracket
Cinelock Plate
Cinelock Base
(2) Serial Cable
2pin LEMO to DTap Cable
MDR3 to Digital Microforce Cable
Noga Arm