Ronin RS 2 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

Rent for $95.00 per day


The Ronin RS 2 is a handheld gimbal stabilizer for cameras up to 10 pounds. Its improved software and motors provide exceptionally smooth operation, even when long lenses are used. The unit is small and lightweight with a built in battery handgrip. A scroll wheel on the hand grip can be used with a compact focus control motor. The lightweight RavenEye wireless video system transmits 1080p quality images over 300 feet to a smartphone or tablet while also providing camera control.


– Lightweight, compact gimbal unit

– Powerful motors

– Improved software for smoother operation

– Easy to balance

– Integrated focus control features

– RavenEye wireless video and camera control


– Weight capacity: 10 pounds

– Battery Life: Up to 12 hours

– Canon, Sony, BlackMagic, Nikon and Panasonic camera control support


Ronin RS 2 Handheld Gimbal
Camera Mounting Platform
(2) Upper Quick Release Plates
Lower Quick Release Plate
Phone Holder
Briefcase Handle
Battery Handgrip
Extended Grip/Tripod
Focus Motor Mount
4 3/4” Rod
Focus Motor
RavenEye Wireless Transmitter
L Bracket Adjustable Rail
Mini Cheese Block
3mm Allen Wrench
(2) 1/4-20 Screws
(5) 3mm Allen Screws
Neck Strap
USB C to Mini B Cable
(2) 300mm USB C to C Cables
(2) 18” USB C to C Cable
USB C to Right Angle C Cable
USB C to USB Micro B Cable
USB C to Sony Multi Cable
USB AC Power Adapter
HDMI A to HDMI C Cable
HDMI C to HDMI C Cable
HDMI C to D Cable
Snap On .8 pitch Gear