Sekonic C-500 Color Temperature Meter

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The Sekonic PRODIGI COLOR C-500 is a photographic color meter designed to read spectral sensitivity of both color film and CCD and CMOS sensors used in modern digital still and DV cine cameras.

Serious photographers and cinematographers know that good lighting and proper exposure are more important now than ever. With the higher demands of today’s digital medium, “garbage in” can mean hours of postproduction. They know that color is a critical factor when multiple light sources are involved. Changing reflectors, adding diffusion or adjusting power levels will result in a color temperature change that needs to be corrected. They know that taking the time to do it right is always a good investment because “perfect in” always looks better than an image that has been adjusted.

With an easy, one-touch display and a comprehensive array of color/illumination information, the PRODIGI COLOR C-500 put you in command of any color control situation.


• Digital and Film Compatible
• Illuminance Measurement
• Color
• Light Balancing in MK-1 (Per Mega Kelvin)
• Flash Color Measurement Flash
• Preset


Three-color photographic color meter with four sensors to determine visual (digital) or photographic (film) color temperature of light sources and filtration required
Receptor head:
Rotating (90° to the right/180°to left) receptor head containing four filtered photo diodes under flat incident light recepter

Measurement type
Digital mode:
Visual Color Temperature (based on color matching function)
Film mode:
Photographic color temperature (based on film spectral characteristic)

Measuring modes

Measuring ranges
Color Temperature:
2,300K to 20,000K
(At ISO 100 equavalent): Ambient light: EV3 to 16.3 (20lx to 200,000lx)
Flash light:
Range Low F No.2.8 to 22 (20lx/s to 1,300lx/s); Range High F No.16 to 90.9 (640lx/s to 38,000lx/s)
Ambient light: 2.5lx to 610,000lx; 0.23FC to 56,500FC

Display Modes
Ambient/Flash light:
*Visual Color temperature + CC index
*LB filter number + CC filter number
(Fuji’s LBA/LBB, Kodak Wratten/LEE filter number)
*LB index + CC index
Ambient/Flash light:
*Photographic Color temperature
*LB filter number + CC filter number
(Fuji’s LBA/LBB, Kodak Wratten/LEE filter number)
*LB index + CC filter number
Ambient light only:

Display Ranges
Measured color temperature:
2,300K to 20,000K
Selected color temperature:
2,500K to 10,000K
LB index:
-500 to +500 (in MK-1)
LB filter number:
Fuji’s LBA/LBB: LBB20 to LBA20
Kodak Wratten/Lee: 80A+80D to 85B+81EF
CC index:
80G to 80M
CC filter number:
200G to 200M
2.5lx to 610,000lx
0.23FC to 56,500FC
Shutter speed:
Flash light: 1s to 1/500s (in 1, 1/2 or 1/3 steps) plus 1/75, 1/80, 1/90, 1/100, 1/200, 1/400
Preset no.:
Digital mode: 19
Film mode: 19
Dot matrix display:
8 user-adjustable characters

Other features
Operating temperature range:
-10 to +50 deg. centigrade
Two AA 1.5V batteries (Alkaline, Manganese, lithium, Nickel, NiCd and NiH)
2.4"W x 6.2"H x 1.1"D (62mmW x 158.6mmH x 28mmD)
8.1 oz ( 230g) with batteries
Main functions:
Color temperature measurement, illuminance measurement, Custom settings, Preset White Balance/Color Compensation, Color/illumination contrast comparison, Battery power indicator, Auto power off, Automatic EL backlight, Jog wheel lock, Tripod socket

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