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Sony Burano

The Sony Burano is an 8K full frame digital cinema camera that redefines versatility by combining Venice level image quality with all the features we love from Sony FX line & mirrorless cameras. With 16 stops of dynamic range, dual base ISO, electronic variable ND, autofocus, and internal image stabilization (IBIS) for PL and E Mount lenses, the Burano is a true “do-it-all” camera.

The Burano is compact, clocking in 1/3 lighter then the Venice. Lower power consumption and lower bitrate X-OCN-LT recording make the Burano an ideal camera for nimble, gimbal, and handheld shooting.

Highly configurable, the Burano can shoot Full Frame & Super 35mm modes while also supporting 1.3x and 2.0x anamorphic monitoring de-squeeze. The Burano is ready to be built up for a full crew or trimmed down for your next solo adventure.

  • 16+ Stops of Dynamic Range
  • Dual Base ISO (800/3200)
  • Electronic Variable ND Filters
  • Internal Image Stabilization (IBIS)
  • Fast Hybrid Autofocus (E Mount)
  • 8K Recording up to 30fps (higher frame rates available at lower resolutions)
  • Internal Recording Formats: X-OCN LT, XAVC
  • Records to CFexpress B Media
  • Dual Base ISO 800 & 3200
  • Internal ND .6 – 2.1
  • 12G/6G/3G SDI Output
  • Timecode and Genlock Input (BNC)

Sony Burano Camera Body
Sony Grip Remote Control
Bright Tangerine Advanced Cine Kit
Wooden Camera Compact Gold Mount Battery Adapter
CFexpress B Card Reader
USB C & USB A-C Cables
PL Port Cap
12” Dovetail Plate
(2) 12” 15mm Steel Rods
AC Power Supply & AC Cable

Sony Burano