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Sony Rialto Camera Extension

Separating the camera sensor block and the camera body, the Sony Rialto provides an innovative and elegant solution for shooting in tight spaces or ultra-lightweight setups. A 9 foot cable (with an additional 9 foot extension cable) tethers the extension system to the main body of the Sony Venice. It retains full camera functionality in this mode–including when fully extended to 18 feet, and has both power and monitor output for on-board accessories. The Rialto Camera Extension is compatible with the original Sony Venice (rented separately).

  • Relocates the Sony Venice sensor block up to 18 feet away
  • Allows for shooting in tight spaces or lightweight setups
  • Power and monitor support on the extension
  • Retains full camera functionality with no image degradation
  • Compatible with Sony Venice 6K sensor block
  • Extension length: up to 18 feet
  • Inputs: SDI, 24V 3pin Lemo
  • Outputs: SDI, (3x) 24V 3pin Lemo, (2x) 12V 2pin Lemo, DTap
Sony Rialto Camera Extension