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Sony Venice 2

The Sony Venice 2 continues the success and innovation the original Sony Venice has seen, while upgrading and expanding its capabilities and functionality. The camera has an interchangeable sensor block with either a 6K or 8K Full Frame (36mm x 24mm) sensor (ours comes with the 8K) and effectively has Sony’s AXS-R7 recorder built into it, recording to AXS memory cards only in ProRes 4K or Sony’s OXCN format. Each sensor block features dual ISO (8K: 800 & 3200, 6K: 500 & 2500), 16+ stops of dynamic range and internal ND filters.

Both sensors match almost perfectly for easy grading between the two in a number of gamma spaces including S-Log3 and S-Gamut3. The camera also features high-frame rate recording, a reduced Jello effect from the sensor and support for anamorphic filming.

  • Dual Base ISO
  • Internal ND Filters
  • 16+ Stops of Dynamic Range
  • Anamorphic compatibility
  • 6K and 8k sensors color match
  • 8K Recording up to 60fps (higher frame rates can be recorded at lower resolutions)
  • Internal Recording Formats: OXCN LT, ST, XT 16-bit, ProRes 4K
  • Records to AXS Media
  • Dual Base ISO 800 & 3200
  • Internal ND .3 – 2.4
  • 5pin XLR Audio input
  • Timecode and genlock input via BNC

Sony Venice 2 Camera Body
Arri Top Plate for Venice 2
Arri CCH-4 Center Camera Handle
VF Rod Attachment Bracket
Viewfinder Bracket
DVF-EL200 Viewfinder
Wooden Camera D Box
Wooden Camera D Box Power Strip
Arri 15mm Lightweight Baseplate
Arri BPA-5 Bridge Plate Adapter
Arri BP-9 Bridge Plate
PL Port Cap
12” Dovetail Plate
Arri WA-2 Wedge Plate
AC Power Supply & AC Cable
AXS R3 AXS Card Reader
AC Power Supply for AXS R3 & AC Cable
(2) 5pin LEMO DBox Link Cables
(2) EVF Cables
18” Thunderbolt Cable
(2) 12” 15mm Steel Rods

Sony Venice 2