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Tentacle Sync Timecode Generator

The small, lightweight and unobtrusive Tentacle Sync Time Code Generator works with virtually all cameras and recorders on the market. With batteries lasting for up to 40 hours, an inaccuracy of less than 1 frame in 24 hours and a super-convenient UI, Tentacles are true “set and forget” devices.

Tentacles can be seen as accurate clocks, all running the exact same time. Connected to each camera or audio recorder, this time information will be recorded into the files of that recording device. In post-production you can easily make use of that information to synchronize audio and video files which have been recorded at the same time.

Since this method is based on precise digital timing information and does not rely on shaky audio tracks, it works 100% and can be synchronized much faster than with pure software solutions.

Before shooting starts, you synchronize Tentacles by connecting them via cable, so that every Tentacle runs exactly the same time. The setup of the device works super-convenient either via laptop or smartphone.

From a DSLR to an Arri Alexa, Tentacle works with all of them. Use as many Tentacles as you need.
To connect Tentacle to different devices, we offer a wide range on specific adapter cables.


  • Super small (34 x 50 x 16 mm) and lightweight (30 g)
  • Super simple usage: DIP-Switchless operation (no screwdriver needed)
  • Just one button and LED
  • Setup via laptop or smartphone
  • DSLR-ready: Switchable mic/line output + build-in microphone for reference sound
  • Generates all SMPTE timecode rates: 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 29.97DF and 30 FPS
  • Compatible with all professional equipment: Uses LTC timecode according to SMPTE-12M standard
  • High precision TCXO: Inaccuracy less than 1 frame in 24 hours
  • Temperature range -30°C to +85°C
  • Can act as master clock (Green Mode) or jam-sync to any external timecode source (Red Mode)
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery, lasts for up to 40 hrs, Fast charging via USB (1.5 hrs)• Integrated hook surface on back for easy mounting
Tentacle Sync Timecode Generator