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Teradek Bolt 3000 XT Transmitter

The Teradek Bolt XT Wireless Transmitters and Receivers send visually lossless video with zero perceptible latency. The Bolt 3000 XT series transmits and receives at a distance of up to 3000 feet line of sight. These transmitters and receivers send and receive a wide range of HD and SD video signals, audio, time code and LUTs.

The Bolt XT lineup is compatible with all 3rd generation Bolts including the Sidekick II, 703 Bolt, and the Bolt LT line. The transmitter can be mounted via a 1/4″-20 threaded hole and the receiver can be mounted by either a 3/8″-16 threaded hole or the built-in NATO rail. Power is provided to the transmitter via 2pin Lemo and power to the receiver by either 2pin Lemo or the integrated gold mount plates, easily allowing for pass through power.

  • Compatibility with Bolt XT, LT, Sidekick II, and 703 Bolt
  • Send and receive HD and SD video in a variety of formats
  • The receiver includes built-in cross conversion, 3D LUT engine, and a 5 GHz spectrum analyzer
  • SDI ancillary data support: supports metadata, time code, and start/stop flags from certain camera manufacturers.
  • OLED Screen with Menu Joystick Navigation.
  • 1/4″-20, 3/8″-16 and NATO mounting options
  • Transmitter requires 2x antennas, receiver requires 5x antennas

Teradek Bolt 3000 XT Transmitter
(2) Tall TX Antennas
AC Power Supply
(2) A/B DTap to 2 Pin Lemo Cable
Noga Articulating Arm
Baby Pin Rapid Stand Adapter

Teradek Bolt 3000 XT Transmitter