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Teradek RT TOF.1 Rangefinder

Teradek RT’s TOF.1 Rangefinder is an infrared focus assist unit designed to measure distance from the camera plane to a subject in real time and integrating with Teradek RT wireless focus controllers and SmallHD monitors. The IR unit is mounted on the camera and connected to the MDR.X receiver via one cable for both power and data.

Distance measurements up to 80 feet are are transferred to the Teradek RT CTRL.1 or CTRL.3 hand units for convenient aid in focusing. When the hand units are connected to compatible SmallHD monitors, distance measurements can be overlaid on the monitor screen, providing real-time information for Camera Assistants pulling focus. Setting the autofocus mode on a hand unit allows the TOF.1 to automatically adjust focus on a fixed point 60 time a second for easy and accurate run-and-gun situations. A detachable laser sight on the unit can be turned on to visually see the location of the TOF.1’s IR beam

  • IR Distance range of 80 feet
  • Compact and lightweight unit with only one cable for power and data
  • On screen overlay with compatible SmallHD monitors
  • Autofocus setting
  • Detachable laser sight
  • Range: 80 feet
  • Beam Angle: 3°
  • Compatible with CTRL.1 and CTRL.3 hand units
  • Size: 2.2″ x 2.2″ x 1.3″
  • Weight: 4.4oz

TOF.1 Rangefinder
Laser Sight
Protective Pouch
Control Cable
Small Noga Arm
3mm Allen Wrench
2.5mm Allen Wrench
1.5mm Allen Wrench

Teradek RT TOF.1 Rangefinder