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Teradek RT

Teradek expands their wireless follow focus line with the new CTRL.1 controller, Latitude-M receiver and MOTR.X motor. The CTRL.1 is a single channel hand unit that allows for lens mapping and data storage. When used with a compatible SmallHD monitor with Teradek Receiver, the CTRL.1 can overlay lens distance data directly on screen.

The Latitude-M receiver is powerful, yet extremely lightweight. It is perfect for gimbal use, and offers additional camera control when using a RED DSMC/DSMC2 camera.

MOTR.X offers unparalleled speed and torque for a firm, responsive feel on even the stiffest lenses. It features 2 motor cable ports for in/out passthrough, as well as 3 LED indicators and a button to toggle between focus, iris and zoom.

  • Lens Mapping and Data Storage
  • Illuminated Marking Ring
  • Handset Mounting Points
  • Lens Distance Data Overlay with Certain SmallHD Monitors*
  • Compact Design
  • Lightweight Receiver
  • Integrated Camera Support for RED DSMC/DSMC2 Camera from Receiver
  • Fast and Responsive Lens Motor
  • In/Out Lens Motor Cable Passthrough

CTRL.1 Handset Transmitter
Rubber Knob Grip for TX
Latitude-M Receiver
MOTR.X Lens Motor
Lens Motor 19mm Rod Bracket
19mm – 15mm Dogbone Offset
19mm to 15mm Inserts (2)
Neck Strap
.8 Wide Motor Gear
Canon LP E6 Batteries (3)
Canon LC-E6 Charger
Motor Cables (2)
DTap Power Cable (2)
2pin Power Cable
Arri Start/Stop Cable
RED Start/Stop Cable
LANC Start/Stop Cable
Sony F55 Start/Stop Cable
Wired Mode Cable
10 inch Marking Ring
20 inch Marking Ring
3 foot, 6 inch Marking Ring
6 foot Marking Ring
10 foot Marking Ring
Iris Marking Ring
Blank Marking Rings (2)

Teradek RT