Tram TR 50 Lavalier Microphone Kit

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The TRAM® TR50 miniature microphone offers an excellent combination of features:

• Excellent sound quality with little or no visibility
• Omni-directional capsule has minimum sound coloration guaranteeing an unobtrusive partnership of this mic with boom mics
• Broadcast/feature-film quality frequency response
• Wide variety of included mounting options


• Miniature electret condenser microphone
• Minimum sound coloration for universal use
• Easily combined with boom microphones
• Tiny, lightweight and compact; easily concealed
• Extensive range of mounting accessories
• Wide frequency response
• Very low rubbing noise
• Works with small power supply or 12-48V phantom power
• Detachable 250 Q power supply included
• Strong, durable and reliable


Size: .18" x .300" x .55"
Type: Omni-directional electret condenser
Freq. Response: 40 – 16,000 Hz
Noise Level: 26dB equivalent SPL
Maximum SPL: 134dB
Output Level: -57dB
Nominal Impedance: 3,000Ω (TR-79 Power Supply – 250Ω)
Operating Voltage: 1.5V
Current Drain: 20-30 microamps (TR-79: 80-100 microamps)
Battery: 357 (SR44W/313)
Isolated Mic Element: To reduce rubbing noise
Bias: Negative and Positive
Cable: Sturdy, Flexible (TR-50BPS -9 ft. long)


• TR-50 Microphone capsule
• External in-line power supply (battery-powered)
• Five mounting clip options
• Windscreen
• Spare battery