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Varizoom Talon Remote Head

The Talon Remote Head from Varizoom is a high-end remote pan-tilt head. It is controlled via a set of handwheels in the style of a traditional geared head and connected to a powerful console. Through the console, camera moves from simple pan and tilt tracking to complex repeatable motion control or timelapse recording can be done. The encoded handwheels can be precisely adjusted for sensitivity and speed, with options for soft stops and limits to ensure smooth and accurate camera moves. In addition to the handwheels, the console also features zoom and focus control via a 3-axis joystick and large focus knob.

The head itself is easy to set up with internal wiring and slip rings between the axes, preventing any cable snagging while the head is in motion. Powerful but quiet motors control the unit with up to a 50lb. payload. Integrated ports for Canon, Fujinon and Preston motor control on the head allows you to adjust parameters directly from the console to the camera.

  • Remote pan/tilt/zoom/focus control via handwheels and/or console knob and joystick.
  • 50 lb. payload capacity
  • Programmable, repeatable motion control
  • Timelapse recording options via integrated intervalometer
  • Adjustments for head speed, smoothing, motion limits and soft stops
  • Integrated support for Canon, Fujinon and Preston lens control
  • Internally routed cables and slip rings for clutter free, 360 degree rotation
  • System Weight: 90 lbs.
  • Max Camera Payload: 50 lb.
  • Pan/Tilt Speed: Up to 210 degrees/second
  • Power: 24VDC, 10A
  • Mitchell Base

Talon Head
Advanced Controller
Hand Wheels Base Unit
(2) Hand Wheels
Power Supply
(2) 50’ 7p LEMO Control Cables
6p LEMO Hand Wheel Base Cable
(2) XLR4 DC Power Cables
Claw Tie Down Locking Handle
(2) Mitchell Base Mounts
(2) Mitchell Tie Downs
(2) 100mm Bowl Base Mounts
(2) 100mm Bowl Tie Downs

Varizoom Talon Remote Head