Creamsource Vortex 8 LED Light

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The Creamsource Vortex 8 is an RGBW LED panel light that is as robust as it is powerful. This 650W light’s output is equivalent to a 1.2Kw HMI, while providing the flexibility to adjust color temperature between 2,200K and 15,000K. It additionally allows for precise RGB color output or selection of various pre-programmed gels and lighting effects (including zone mapping). Numerous options for both wired and wireless control are available through the built-in ballast and software. The whole panel is also IP65 weather rated for use in the studio or on a rainy day on location.


– Wide Color Temperature Range

– Full RGB Color Control

– Gels and Lighting Effects

– Output Equivalent to a 1.2Kw HMI

– Wired and Wireless Connectivity

– Rugged, weatherproof design


– Color Temperature Range: 2,200K to 15,000K

– Full RGB Control

– Output: 12,700 – 13,900 Lux at 10 Feet

– Wirless Connectivity: LumenRadio CMRX, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth

– Wired Connectivity: 5-pin DMI I/O, USB Type A

– Power: 660W / 48V

– IP65 Weather Rating

– Beam Angle (without diffusion): 20ยบ


Vortex 8 LED Light
Dome Diffuser
Medium Flat Diffuser Panel
45 Degree Honeycomb Grid
PowerCon AC Cable