MX 393/O PZM Omnidirectional Condenser Mic

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Surface-mount condenser mic designed to be placed on conference tables, stage floors, lecterns, etc. High sensitivity and wide frequency range makes these mics perfect for sound reinforcement. These mics work on the principle that the sound pressure level doubles at a barrier or boundary (stage, table,etc.) When placed near a large boundary, the mics have 6dB higher sensitivity and about 3dB greater direct-to reverberant sound ratio. The coolest feature is that they have an interchangeable cartridge that allows the pattern to be changed from cardioid, supercardioid, and omnidirectional. Ours are set up for Omnidirectional Pick-up. To maintain the flattest low-frequency response and optimum rejection of noise, place the mic on a flat surface that is as large as possible. Avoid locating mics near reflective surfaces other than the boundary surface (ie-beveled sides of pulpits or overhanging shelves). On the edge of the top of these mics is a microswitch that mutes the mic when depressed. This function can be set to mute the mic from a single touch and reactivated by pressing the button a second time by setting some of the internal dip switches.