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Preston Micro Force V+F3

The V+F3 zoom controller is a convenient way to add zoom control independent or in conjunction with a multi-channel FI+Z system. The controller mounts into a bracket that can slide onto a tripod arm or be attached to a rosette bracket. In addition to controlling individual zoom motors, the V+F3 can interface with a servo attached to a lens, using the built in motor. The controller also features run/stop and variable speed capabilies.

Download Manual
  • Digital zoom speed display & adjustment
  • Adjustable motor direction
  • Run/stop control
  • Convenient mounting to a tripod arm or rosette
  • Compatible with many Canon or Fujinon servo motors
  • Compatible with Preston FI+Z system
  • Powered via DTap or 3pin Lemo cable
  • Run/stop via 3pin Lemo Cable
  • Digital controller
Preston Micro Force V+F3